The Sexy Six by definition: Ashton Oswalt, Billy Morvant, Dustin Cole, Houston Bass, Kylie Mayfield, Thomas Mcintosh

The Sexy Six

The Sexy Six

Here’s how it started. Dustin Cole, Kylie Mayfield, and Thomas McIntosh were all regulars at FACOC (Forsythe Avenue Church of Christ) but Houston Bass lived a city over from FACOC and could only come when the time was right, and Ashton Oswalt was still considered a newbie.

Two weeks before the infamous Summer Camp – Camp Ocoee ’08, FACOC held an all night lock in, and this is where the Sexy Six’s bonds began to form. But it wasn’t until that Summer Camp that the real chains holding these six people together were formed.

It’s Saturday, July 26th, 2008. And five of the six kids had just arrived to FACOC and began getting on the bus that would take them to the Ocoee River (Thomas was picked up in Jackson, MS). They all were sitting in seperate seats, not knowing that a few hours later they would all be laughing and carrying on like there is no tomorrow.

So, after the long drive to Tennessee these 6 kids knew that they were becoming friends. But two days later they had become great friends. It took a rope swing and alot of rain to show them that the bond they had formed was becoming the chains that would last. As they went to search for the rope swing in the lake near their cabin, the clouds over head began to look dark and stormy. And sure enough, as soon as they made it to the rope swing it began to lightning.

So, Dustin stood up in the middle of the boat and yelled “I make it Rain in Your World!!” and as soon as he took his hater blockers off (sun shades to everyone else) a lightning bolt struck very close to the Sexy Six, and they all ran for cover underneath the awning of the pontoon boat. As it began raining and the boat was turned around, the Sexy SIx huddled together, laughing and carrying on once again, but even the cold cold rain couldn’t stop them and then the chains were formed.

After a return to the rope swing, some encouraging words over the entire time of the trip. Some very intense talks between the guys, some great times between the girls…they had become the Sexy Six, and the bond will never be broken.

But don’t get them wrong. The bond isn’t just friendship, what these Six learned is that their other name is The Spiritual Six, and everything they did on the trip was to strengthen their walk with God. That’s what makes this group so special, because that whatever happens between them can always be overcome by the spirit of God. Because this group was put together, not by coincidence, but by the plan of God.