Most of this stuff is unfinished….

Most of this sounds like a 3rd grader wrote it….

And even though poetry is what an emo kid does while he sits in the corner of a dark room crying his eyes out, it’s what I do when I have a phrase or a creative moment stuck in my head, and im proud of it.

(Except im not an emo kid sitting in a dark room crying my eyes out….)


How Do I? Sunday, December 7, 2008 at 9:07pm

How do I die to myself to put you up front,
To change my seat and let You take control?
How do I move myself to get down on my knees,
To take my thoughts and place them on You?
How do I silence myself and begin listening,
To let my voice stop ringing and let You speak to me?
How do I live day-day always thinking of You,
To let my worries subside and give them to You?
How do I get near You?
How do I see You?
How do I change for You?
How do I hear You?
How do I die for You?
How did I ever live without You?

Writer’s Block, Thursday, May 29, 2008 at 10:50pm

I’ve become lost for expression
stranded in a sea
lost in my head
Up to my neck in words

All confusion
no revolution
stuck in a rut
Ive become lost for passion

grabbing hold
I’ve become lost for glory

What words are these
flowing from this mind
breaking free
finding hold??

Start This Over, Sunday, May 18, 2008 at 12:13am

Without a doubt
these past few months I’ve lived without
No shame, no game
all ending with no fame
No being moved
digging into a groove
losing all hope
of ever coming back to you

without a doubt
these past few months you lived next to me
guiding my hand, whispering in my ear
choosing the right words for me to hear
Everything for a purpose
all for the plan
you knew i’d come back

Now, not then
here, not there
this day, not tomorrow
this life, not the next one
you’ve chosen everything
leading up to the ending

this is my redemption
I was your preemption
this is my savior
you are my salvation
Die for me
start this over…

The Beauty of Her, Sunday, April 27, 2008 at 6:08pm

Sweet smile,
Cheerful Beauty.
Keep me sound,
Keep me found.

A princess voice,
A princes choice.
Love me now,
Love me dear.

Gentle as a flower,
A spirit full of power.
Never let me go,
Never let me know.

For you I’ll send
an army full of love,
an army full of doves………

Church Bells Toll, Saturday, April 26, 2008 at 11:20pm

Church bells toll,
Sunday cars roll,
The steeple shines,
The people get in lines.

Through the door,
Nice, pretty floor.
Find your pew,
Find your seat,
Listen to the man preach.

Fall asleep,
Nod your head.
“Amen,” the deacon said.
Wake up,
Open your book.
Oh, did they look?

The preaching is over,
Take a glance over your shoulder.
Do you see the girl
Wearing her string of pearl.

Look behind,
And there you’ll find,
A little boy,
Full of joy.

He’s just decided
And he’s excited,
To give his life
To the living Christ.

His price is paid,
What a parade!
The church is glad,
But why are you still sad?

Church is done,
Time to run
Leave your seat,
Don’t lose your feet.

And now for the where and when
Come back another week again.
Take a chance,
Find your stance
And be like the little boy