So, I’ve set down to right this about 4 or 5 different times.

And Everytime….nothing comes to mind. I have what most people call, Writers Block

Writer’s Block, Thursday, May 29, 2008 at 10:50pm

I’ve become lost for expression
stranded in a sea
lost in my head
Up to my neck in words

All confusion
no revolution
stuck in a rut
Ive become lost for passion

grabbing hold
I’ve become lost for glory

What words are these
flowing from this mind
breaking free
finding hold??

I promise soon enough, more will come.


“Goodbye Ordinary” All That Is Within Me: MercyMe

I wonder when we first bought into this
so satisfied with status quo.
Have we convinced ourselves that this is all there is?
Well all that is within me says we were meant to breakfree.

Live like there’s no tomorrow.
Love extravagantly.
Lead a life to be followed.
Goodbye ordinary,
Goodbye ordinary.

We were never meant to compromise,
settle for mediocrity.
This life was never made to be a waste of time.
Well all that is within me says no more just existing.

Live like there’s no tomorrow.
Love extravagantly.
Lead a life to be followed.
Goodbye ordinary,
Goodbye ordinary.

No more complacency,
no more just settling.
This time goodbye to atrophy for
we were meant to be alive.

Live like there’s no tomorrow.
Love extravagantly.
Lead a life to be followed.
Goodbye ordinary,
Goodbye ordinary.

Ok, so Im a HUGE fan….HUGE….fan of MercyMe. I’ve seen them twice, and everytime I hear Bart Millard’s (lead singer) voice, Im just amazed at the gift God gave him.

And tonight something hit me from this song…something i havent thought about in a long time

“Live like there’s no tomorrow.” How?…how can that be possible?

Everyday is a new day. I tell myself that all the time, but if I step back and look at. Every day is not a new day, because you’re never gaurenteed that next day. I’ve been relying so heavily on that next day. to start over, right the wrongs that were done, that I’ve forgotten that soon, there will be no tomorrow.

But back to the question…How? How do you live for no tomorrow…Do you just live with no restraints?? Do You drive 100 mph down the road thinking that “it’s OK if I die, because i might not wake up in the morning anyway”? Do you party hard all night forgetting about work in the morning because, there might not be a tomorrow??

I think NO…I think living “like there’s no tomorrow” is a mind set.

It’s a way of life, a way to brush off the stress. A complete and amazing way to enjoy every great moment you have and always live-in-the-moment because we all know, that nothing is ever guaranteed. It’s a way to step-out of life’s routine, to always go through every bad moment with a smile on your face.

Right now, I want to live for no tomorrow. I want to stop being complacent with all the problems that the day brings. I want to Live. I want to Live.

I want to Live with God, and through Christ I have everlasting life.

p.s If your a big fan, Check out MercyMe’s blog:

What if your life was a book?

Every day a new page. Every year a new chapter. Would there be multiple plots? How many characters would there be? Who would be the star of the novel?????

What if your life was a song?

Every day a new beat. Every year a new verse. Would your song be catchy? Would it rhyme? Does it tell a story? Would it be fast like rap, or slow as country? Who would the song be about?

What if your life was a movie?

Every day a new moment. Every year a new scene? Would your movie be a tragedy, or a comedy? Does it have action, or romance? Who would be the main-actor of the movie? Would you get the Oscar, or just take the supporting-actor?

I want my life to be nothing less than spectacular. I want my life to inspire. To move people. I want my life to have each scene tell its own story. But I want the story to be about someone else, someone bigger than me. I want it to be Him that inspired people. I want Him to move people. I want Him to be the action. I want him to be the beat of my song.

I would gladly kneel down and take supporting actor. But how bout you?

What is your story? What is your song? What is your book? How is your life played out?

So, It’s been awhile. I guess I need to update.

Right now…right now as I sit here importing cd’s, watching discovery channel, and listening to Cool Hand Luke…I’m in an odd void?

When school starts it seems that my focus becomes more about work…more about schedules, more about homework, more about my personal goal in school….And I don’t like it.

I know it always seems I write about my struggles with things, with different problems and such, but really? With so much going on, so many things running through my head, how is it possible for me to focus on God, how is it possible for Christ to be the person leading me by the hand, when I keep pulling it away to keep myself from falling????

Im flabberghasted…..seriously…flabberghasted because I know the answer. I know the truth. I know where to turn, and it’s prayer and God’s word.

FCA’s theme this year is “Get Focused”…and I know there is a reason why im Recruitor. I know why its my job to lead people to FCA, so FCA can help them get focused on Christ…..because I’m in the same situation as everyone else.

I need you. I need you here

as I reach out, I need you here

Im falling, grabbing hold of you

But tomorrow, I’ll forget

and I’ll only listen to the fear.

You’ll want me.

You’ll want me near.

But as you reach out,

I can’t grab hold,

because I need my hands

to keep from falling.

The only thing I should realize is

 it’s you that keeps me from crawling.

Its a slow fade…getting back into the routine.

To be honest. I just wrote about 3 paragraphs about how much I’m hating school. About the students, and a few other things…but right now, I felt like it wasn’t the time.

Anyway, I’ve been stressin. Working and school don’t mix, especially when your book is to be finished and tested on the week you work 2 days, and you were only on the far end of page 300 in a 682 page book….But I’m finished and this is the last whine about it………I do that during school. I whine, I need to stop.

FCA breakfast friday. I can’t wait. Chicken Biscuits and Table4Twelve. Our theme this year is “Get Focused.” And that fits no better than year this year…it’s time I got Focused on Christ…

Its a slow fade…into the routine, into the school….into Christ. I Keep thinking im just gonna wake up and be the greatest Christian in Monroe…but I laugh everytime I think that, and realize that perseverance is key.

The same goes for school work. The same goes for life……perseverance.

Here I am. Listening to the David Crowder Band. The song is Never Let Go, the album is Remedy.

But as the chorus keeps ringing out “You never let go, you never let go” Im reminded at how Christ NEVER lets go….he never lets go.

This boggles my mind though, because everything within me wants to just push away, to be alone, to make everything be about myself…but he never lets go. I keep thinking of the movie, The Gaurdian. At the end Fisher and the Captain (Kevin Costner) are being realed into the helicopter and the line begins to break. The captain knows he has to let go but there is this picturesgue moment when he does let go, but Fisher grabs back and catches him.

It just reminds me so much of how my walk with Christ is like that.

I’ve also, been thinking about how much of a workaholic I am. But living in bastrop and working at the mall puts a huge damper on things, so I kinda have to…But I Wish i didn’t, I can’t stand Bastrop.

Anywho, tomorrow is church, and Jason wants me to give the message on “As thunder shakes the foundation”….I haven’t really prepared but i know God will have his way.  He put the words in my head to write down, so I know he can give me the words to speak.

This is the first time I’ve written anything in any kind of song form, you know with a repating chorus. But I was re-reading my page (That Funny Sinking Feeling) and I felt as though this might flow as a song. I have some friends in a band, and one of them has been getting some lines and parts of some of the things I’ve written and using them in his songs. So I figured I’d actually give it a shot at writing a song

Has everything been about myself
Am I too concerned about the pretty thankyous
My heart is good, but my spirit is wounded
There’s a brick wall between you and me

Im drowning in the ocean
my life-vest is shredded
another storm is coming
and I feel as though I can’t keep going on

My selfishness has torn me apart
everything to me, none for you
I want you to hear me, but I cant hear you over myself
This is the knife shredding my life-vest

Im drowning in the ocean
my life-vest is shredded
abother storm is coming
and I feels as though I can’t keep going

I am broken, leaving it bare
giving it all to you
changing myself to be behind you
tear down the wall, I want to hear your voice

Save me Im drowning
patch the torn lifevest
blow away the storm
and I will always go on for you

                     I give all of the glory for this and for the note that I wrote to Jesus, who essentially is the driving inspiration for everything I do.

You know the town you live in is boring when 3 guys go to a barn to take pictures and actually come out of it with something productive…

Me, Vick, and Curtis. Vicks idea. He even dressed up, lol. We drove to a small barn thats only 2 min. from Vicks house. It’s still owned by our fam (Vicks my Cousin) …and well, in an attempt to just goof around and get some great profile pics, we ended up catching some amazing shots…and now as cliche as it sounds, the sunset is literally God’s artwork. Nothing compares to what was painted the other night.

Check my photography page, and you’ll see some great shots, or atleast great by our standards. Vick was the main poser, I was camera man…and well curtis was there, but hopefully you like my eye for things and scenery.

Tonight, was almost better. The sunset wasn’t as great, but tonight was planned, and of coarse God says “these kids…ha, plans? no”…and we got no good sunset. BUT it was ok, cause we got some great shots with the help of Elizabeth and her amazing camera and we had a great time goofing off at the Green Barn.

Okay, maybe I have a little bad luck…

So check this out… I sent in my Acer Aspire 5610z laptop to have it repaird like a week and a half ago. Yep, all the way to the wonderful technicians in Temple, Texas….and I got it back at 10:20am this morning.

But of coarse I have bad luck….The laptop came back with the screen not wanting to respond and the problems I sent it in to have fixed unadressed…..grrr..

Now for more good bad news. Just had my car fixed after having break down at a gas station infront of the gas pump. But of coarse I have ABSOLUTELY not luck with cars and now if I let off the gas it will shut off. (almost causing a few accidents)

Anywho, good thing my dad has a few more cars for me to try to get around in.

And Good thing Acer is paying me for shipping….maybe after this computer and the next car repair, everything will be perfect.

So, The Dark Knight…at 7. Friday night at Tinseltown. WOOHOO!!!

Really, ‘m just wondering….Can you die from boredom??

I’m sure that your can, I think the book is called the Darwin Awards??

Eh, more to come….im so bored i dont think i can write any more

but wait, Have you seen the “Dark Knight” header….yeah, im so pumped for this movie and i cannot wait. I believe that this will become the model for all of the other superhero movies because of the way that it is fictional and over the top, but still with a realistic feel makes this movie everything it is.

I’ll be back later

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