It’s 12:44 A.m. and the summers worst thunder storm is filling my living room with flashes of lightning and the sound of rain can be heard through my back glass sliding door.

I have a phrase at the top of my blog, it says ” the heavy rains pour on our shallow hearts, while the roaring of thunder sounds in our deaf ears, and with the flashing of lightning shining in our blind eyes, we realize that we are nothing.. ” And no other night reminds me of this like tonight.

It was stuck in my head one day while riding the bus home from OCS. I had a bad day and was watching the water slide by on my bus window. Im not sure where it came from, and I have been wanting to go deeper into it, but just never had.

But on this night, the only thing that my focus keeps revirting to is that phrase. Heavy rains pour on our shallow hearts? Thunder in our deaf ears? Lightning in our blind eyes?

I think i’ve discovered that my view of God in this is that he is like a storm. His love is like rain, his voice is like thunder, and the fact that he is everything, everywhere, and always is like lightning being flashed. The fact is that we in nature are shallow creatures, we are mean, hurtful, decietful, liers, and theifs. We are constantly deaf to what God tells us. He is our voice of conscience that we decide to ignore. As blind as we are, he is everywhere, every sunset, every sunrise, ever flower, every father, mother, and new born baby is a testament that God is alive and breathing….

But again, we are shallow, deaf and blind…..I am shallow, deaf, and blind.

God though, is not a terrifying storm like tonights. He is a renewing storm, a refreshing storm, a healing storm that brings back life to places that have become desolate, wasteful, famished and dehydrated. He is a storm that tests the foundations of a house, that shakes its bolts and frames. He is a storm that ends as fast as it begins.

I can’t begin to describe to you the wonderful things that God has shown me in my life. I am 16 years old and my 16 years of life has all been God driven, every part of it is for his plan. Even in the times when I become a jerk, seeking revenge and telling lies. He brings his healing rains. Even in the times when I become deaf to his voice, ignoring my conscience. He sounds his thunder. Even in the times when I become blind to the beauty of his creations, and take eveything I’ve done as my own. He flashes the lightning that proves he is God. And Now as my faith has become dryed, famished, desolate and dehydrated. He brings his storm that renews my faith in Jesus,

As His thunder shakes my Foundations I realize that I am Nothing compared to him. As His thunder shakes the world….WE realize that WE ARE NOTHING