Name: Houston Bass

Age: 18

Im the big 1-8, but if you add those together it makes 9 and that’s how I act sometimes…sometimes. Im working as a model (folder to everyone else) at Hollister Co. in the Pecanland Mall.

Future Plans: ULM. Nursing. Then hopefully Nurse Anesthetist School.

Anywho. I’m a Senior at OCS. I’ve been a class officer both freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior year, as the class chaplain. Sophomore year I was FCA special team member, Junior year I was the FCA Recruitor, and now I am the FCA Captain. 

I drive a Black 1989 Pontiac Trans Am…when it works, lol.

I can’t really think of anything else, but when I do I’ll just add to the bottom down here…

“The heavy rains pour on our shallow hearts, while the roaring thunder sounds in our deaf ears, and with the flashing of lightning shining in our blind eyes, we realize that we are nothing….”

“Give me your eyes, so that I can show you a world starving for truth…”