Where has the time gone?
I was looking through my twitter profile this evening and was consequently reminded that I have a blog. 0_0.

Shocking. It’s been almost a year since my last post and well, I can’t tell you about everything that has gone by. But I can try.

1. “Sold Out” was a success.
2. Started the youth internship, and though Jason and I had a couple of rocky moments in our methods and thinking processes, overall was a success and ended with the beginning of my Senior year.
3. Went to Salida, Colorado for Wilderness Trek, and learned more about myself than ever before.
4. Took a return trip to Ocoee, Tennessee
5. Was just very distracted by Mythbusters
6. My procrastination remains, thus reitifying (Is that actually a word?) that it is a disease.
7. Returned to school.
8. Taught a successful class at Discover, with a young girl asking to be baptized after my class. ( I DO NOT take credit for that, only Christ)
9. Had a fall-out with a friend. Got closer to a friend. Had another fall-out and well, I’ll leave it at that.
10. Took midterms and failed my math, first time ever that’s happened.
11. AP English is teaching me alot, but destroying my life at the same time.
12. Made an epic video for AP English class, a history channel spoof about Anglo Saxons. Became talk of the school for a short while.
13. Achieved a 26 on the ACT, gave up on the 27 and the 30, decided to switch my focus from Youth Ministry, to majoring in Business at LSU. And I have now decided to major in Nursing at ULM to eventually become a Nurse Anesthetist.

But the one thing that I wish I could tell you is how much stronger my relationship with Christ is, how much closer I am with my friends and family, and how much fun life has been. Unfortunately none of that would true. Im feeling farther than Christ than ever before, my friends have become semi-distant but probably by my own doings, and this past year (though one of my best) has been TOUGH!

But it’s a new year, and hopefully this blog will be awakened with new posts and lots more viewers.