I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat to attempt to write what has been going through my life lately, but I’m becoming distracted and focused on other things, and I regret that I’ve been absent from blogging.

I was recently in a Shakespeare competition, competing to win a trip to New York in honor of Shakespeare’s birthday awarded by the English Speaking Union. I made it to regional at the Strauss Theatre in Monroe, Louisiana but unfortunately my performance wasn’t quite what the judges were looking for. But I walked away with a picture on the front page of the locals, and a few great laughs came with it. (I hope you haven’t seen it). It was all in good fun, and I can’t wait to participate in next years event.

I also have been accepted as a Youth Minister Intern at Forsythe Avenue Church of Christ. If any of you know John Dobbs, or Jason Barnard they are the ministers at this church and I am excited to get started in May working underneath Jason. This has been something I have thought on for awhile and I have a strong interest of going into youth ministry, so hopefully this helps me decide on whether or not to pursue a position of ministry as my career.

The big thing on my list right now though, is “Sold Out.” This is an Outdoor Worship Concert at OCS featuring 4 local bands that the OCS FCA has taken on as a fundraiser/spirit-booster. It has taken alot of planning so far, but im no where near on schedule on planning or funds. The concert is on April 25 by the way. Big thanks go to Jarod Stokes for finishing the poster design.

I also reached my short goal on the A.C.T. which was a 25 overall. But I surpassed my expectations by scoring a 31 on the reading part of the test. (For those of you like my dad who do not know what the highest score is, it is a 36). My dream goal is a 30 overall, but I will be happy graduating with a 27 overall.

There is more than meets the eye though and Im wrestling with myself over a few things that God keeps challenging me with. I hope he doesn’t stop, and I can complete the challenge and make the necessary changes for Him. I have alot on my plate coming up, and the worst part is that it all needs to start now. But I can never seem to bring myself to start it. If you haven’t checked my Facebook, alot of my status updates have been about Procrastination. A disease of mine. It seems that the internet and tv and school continue to take my mind off of Christ and Im finding it harder and harder to be “Sold Out” for Him, which is a problem. I need to find a week to set aside, after the concert, and give it to Christ.

The worst part about being a procrastinator is that you always tell yourself that Tomorrow is the day…but I keep finding that “Today was Yesterday’s Tomorrow” and that I’m always a day behind.