So what happens when you get home from work at 10:30pm, check your email, finish homework, get ready for bed, and jump between your sheets to get some shuteye?
You stay awake until around 12am.
But it was for a good cause.
You see, Ive always expressed that I have a constant struggle to try to bend around things without having to do it, like daily prayer and daily bible reading. Well, Ive finally bent enough to realize that I would have to break myself before anything was to happen to futhur my relationship with Christ.
Last night, I felt his tugging at my brain. I had just recently watched a post from Casting Crowns lead singer Mark Hall and his challenge was to try to take a youth retreat without ever leaving your house. Check out this link. Then check out his latest video.
God just let loose, and when I mean let loose, he sent my head swirling around the thought of this. How i need to give a week to him, and how to use it with others. He put ideas and notions into my head that I kept focusing on and planning out in my head, much like he did the night he helped me invent the concert “Sold Out”. There are alot of things he placed on my heart last night, and I thank Him for it.
So, my question for you tonight is: Have you listened to what God Has planned for you? If not, What kind of brick wall have you built between Him and you, and what will it take for you to destroy it??