Here I am…just incase you were missing me. Im right here. There was no need to worry.
The past few weeks, that turned into about a month or so, has been crammed with everything from school work and church to family and a load of XBOX360/PS3.
I haven’t forgotten about this, just as I made a promise to myself during Ocoee, I’ve tried to wein(spelling) myself away from computers. Since I spend alot of waking moments on it, it takes hold of me and eventually becomes an idol among other things.
Hitting on that for a second. Is everything an idol if you spend no time with God? I wrestle with that so much. I can talk about and think on it, and I know how absolutely important it is to have a Christian faith, but for some reason reading my bible, and just daily prayer is like making a mountain move. There are moments when I sit in bed, stare at the cieling and think about God, realizing that he is calling out to me, and yet I turn over, close my eyes, and drift off to a world of my own; using sleep as an excuse to not be near God, using homework as a reason not to read his word; giving all of my free time to the computer when I could have taken 5 single minutes to read some verses. Once again, I made a promise to myself to let loose of my idols, and If I have to tape the bible to my face I will do it.
On a much lighter note. This was quite possibly the best Christmas I ever had. I spent time with both sides, and enjoyed all of it. No fighting. No bickering. No selfishness. And this isn’t just from me, its from my whole family; it seems that during these economic hardships all of my family’s are growing closer…too bad it had to take a hardship to begin the change.
So, as I try to finish up this post, hopefully I can focus on God for awhile. Hopefully you make a choice to focus on Him.