Sorry is all i can say to the ones who have enjoyed my blog. Its been awhile, and now im dusting off my blog and popping my knuckles so I can get back to writing. Right now, its time for a vent.

I’ve been frustrated with a few things. Frustrated with myself, frustrated with plans, frustrated with people, and frustrated with family.

With myself, Ive been wanting to do so much and I’ve held back for so long. There are so many things Ive done that has kept my walk from getting closer with Christ and it frustrates me that It is my own fault. It frustrates me that I know the answer, and where to find it to resolve this issue, but I can’t focus and train myself to get into God’s word. Something I taught about at Discover!!!

With plans, well, I plan alot. I have ideas that come into existence and I can think on them for hours a day and have everything planned. A date set, a time fixed, and then all of a sudden…the idea drops and instead of having a big impact it gets shoved around and pushed on the back of the pile.

and Family. Family. Family. Family. I can’t begin to describe the situations that have come about in my family. But everytime it never fails that at somepoint it gets to me. Something new arises, and somehow its always about me, or surrounds me. Family. Family Family.

So, Ive vented and its helped. Hopefully everything can work itself out. Hopefully my frustration subsides. Hopefully I can get into God’s word. Hopefully. Hopefully. Hopefully.