What if your life was a book?

Every day a new page. Every year a new chapter. Would there be multiple plots? How many characters would there be? Who would be the star of the novel?????

What if your life was a song?

Every day a new beat. Every year a new verse. Would your song be catchy? Would it rhyme? Does it tell a story? Would it be fast like rap, or slow as country? Who would the song be about?

What if your life was a movie?

Every day a new moment. Every year a new scene? Would your movie be a tragedy, or a comedy? Does it have action, or romance? Who would be the main-actor of the movie? Would you get the Oscar, or just take the supporting-actor?

I want my life to be nothing less than spectacular. I want my life to inspire. To move people. I want my life to have each scene tell its own story. But I want the story to be about someone else, someone bigger than me. I want it to be Him that inspired people. I want Him to move people. I want Him to be the action. I want him to be the beat of my song.

I would gladly kneel down and take supporting actor. But how bout you?

What is your story? What is your song? What is your book? How is your life played out?