So, It’s been awhile. I guess I need to update.

Right now…right now as I sit here importing cd’s, watching discovery channel, and listening to Cool Hand Luke…I’m in an odd void?

When school starts it seems that my focus becomes more about work…more about schedules, more about homework, more about my personal goal in school….And I don’t like it.

I know it always seems I write about my struggles with things, with different problems and such, but really? With so much going on, so many things running through my head, how is it possible for me to focus on God, how is it possible for Christ to be the person leading me by the hand, when I keep pulling it away to keep myself from falling????

Im flabberghasted…..seriously…flabberghasted because I know the answer. I know the truth. I know where to turn, and it’s prayer and God’s word.

FCA’s theme this year is “Get Focused”…and I know there is a reason why im Recruitor. I know why its my job to lead people to FCA, so FCA can help them get focused on Christ…..because I’m in the same situation as everyone else.

I need you. I need you here

as I reach out, I need you here

Im falling, grabbing hold of you

But tomorrow, I’ll forget

and I’ll only listen to the fear.

You’ll want me.

You’ll want me near.

But as you reach out,

I can’t grab hold,

because I need my hands

to keep from falling.

The only thing I should realize is

 it’s you that keeps me from crawling.