Its a slow fade…getting back into the routine.

To be honest. I just wrote about 3 paragraphs about how much I’m hating school. About the students, and a few other things…but right now, I felt like it wasn’t the time.

Anyway, I’ve been stressin. Working and school don’t mix, especially when your book is to be finished and tested on the week you work 2 days, and you were only on the far end of page 300 in a 682 page book….But I’m finished and this is the last whine about it………I do that during school. I whine, I need to stop.

FCA breakfast friday. I can’t wait. Chicken Biscuits and Table4Twelve. Our theme this year is “Get Focused.” And that fits no better than year this year…it’s time I got Focused on Christ…

Its a slow fade…into the routine, into the school….into Christ. I Keep thinking im just gonna wake up and be the greatest Christian in Monroe…but I laugh everytime I think that, and realize that perseverance is key.

The same goes for school work. The same goes for life……perseverance.