Here I am. Listening to the David Crowder Band. The song is Never Let Go, the album is Remedy.

But as the chorus keeps ringing out “You never let go, you never let go” Im reminded at how Christ NEVER lets go….he never lets go.

This boggles my mind though, because everything within me wants to just push away, to be alone, to make everything be about myself…but he never lets go. I keep thinking of the movie, The Gaurdian. At the end Fisher and the Captain (Kevin Costner) are being realed into the helicopter and the line begins to break. The captain knows he has to let go but there is this picturesgue moment when he does let go, but Fisher grabs back and catches him.

It just reminds me so much of how my walk with Christ is like that.

I’ve also, been thinking about how much of a workaholic I am. But living in bastrop and working at the mall puts a huge damper on things, so I kinda have to…But I Wish i didn’t, I can’t stand Bastrop.

Anywho, tomorrow is church, and Jason wants me to give the message on “As thunder shakes the foundation”….I haven’t really prepared but i know God will have his way.  He put the words in my head to write down, so I know he can give me the words to speak.