You know the town you live in is boring when 3 guys go to a barn to take pictures and actually come out of it with something productive…

Me, Vick, and Curtis. Vicks idea. He even dressed up, lol. We drove to a small barn thats only 2 min. from Vicks house. It’s still owned by our fam (Vicks my Cousin) …and well, in an attempt to just goof around and get some great profile pics, we ended up catching some amazing shots…and now as cliche as it sounds, the sunset is literally God’s artwork. Nothing compares to what was painted the other night.

Check my photography page, and you’ll see some great shots, or atleast great by our standards. Vick was the main poser, I was camera man…and well curtis was there, but hopefully you like my eye for things and scenery.

Tonight, was almost better. The sunset wasn’t as great, but tonight was planned, and of coarse God says “these kids…ha, plans? no”…and we got no good sunset. BUT it was ok, cause we got some great shots with the help of Elizabeth and her amazing camera and we had a great time goofing off at the Green Barn.